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Lexeme (lĕks'ēm) is defined as the fundamental unit of the lexicon (or word stock) of a language. 

My work spans different lexicons — public policy and law, science, community engagement, corporate strategy. My role is to bridge them all. With a natural inclination, twenty-five years of experience and a multi-disciplinary M.A. in environmental policy (blending ecology, engineering and economics), I thrive when tackling the most complex environmental issues. 

As Principal of Lexeme Consulting, I work at the intersection of science and environmental policy — offering multi-disciplinary solutions based on sound science, economics and political viability.  





Bringing climate change mitigation and adaptation into land use (forestry and agriculture) sector governance

Defining options to achieve sustainable agricultural and forest-based production systems

Finance strategies for sustainable land use solutions

Indigenous natural resource governance

Bringing sustainability into business planning






Photo credit: Mark Mushet

Photo credit: Mark Mushet

As principal of Lexeme Consulting, based in Vancouver, Canada, I work at the intersection between science and environmental policy— offering multi-disciplinary solutions based on sound science, economics and political viability. Consulting services focus primarily on global land-use and climate change, finance, REDD+, agriculture, and business solutions to sustainability. Services include strategies for linking science into policy and decision-making, convening and negotiation, government affairs, research and due diligence. I bring 25 years of experience working at the interface between government policy and land use pressures, finding solutions at local, sub-regional, national and international scales. I have consistently applied an entrepreneurial approach to engaging change, and have collaborated and worked in partnership with various levels of government, companies ranging from start-ups to large timber companies, investors, major donors and a full range of environmental NGOs.

A particular focus of my research and policy analysis in recent years has been framing the need for national governments and REDD+ processes to address the drivers of deforestation and degradation, through published papers, partnerships and strategic advisories. Efforts helped leverage a decision by Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, adopted at COP 19 in Poland, on drivers.  Current efforts include identifying how REDD+ countries can better define fiscal incentives to promote sustainable land use, and identifying ways to encourage increased agricultural production that does not compromise forests, waterways and communities.

I hold an M.A. in natural resources management and environmental policy from Tufts University, and B.A.'s in philosophy and political science from University of California, Santa Barbara.

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