"Lexeme (lĕks'ēm) is defined as the fundamental unit of the lexicon (or word stock) of a language.  My work spans different lexicons public policy and law, science, community engagement, corporate strategy and my role is to bridge those."

As Principal of Lexeme Consulting, Gabrielle Kissinger works at the intersection between science and environmental policy offering multi-disciplinary solutions based on sound science, economics and political viability. 

Areas of focus:
Climate change and land use planning and policy, particularly related to agriculture and forestry mitigation and adaptation; REDD+ and payments for ecosystem services

Finance strategies for sustainable land use solutions
Food security and land use, land conservation, land use planning and policy

Indigenous natural resource governance

Businesses respecting natural limits and incorporating progressive practices into business planning

  • Environmental policy analysis and development
  • Government relations and advancement of cause
  • Ripening the deal and managing complex projects
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

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